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Google is Now After Paid Contents, Articles or Blog Posts

Google is now after Paid Contents, Articles or Blog Posts Recently Matt cuts released a video about paid contents. The video named Advertorials. Matt Cutts explained that some time you publish a news, article or blog post where you have taken the money, than it is your duty to disclose it to users that these are not editorial content rather it is paid content or Advertorials

If you will not do this Google will penalized the content publishers as well as linked websites. I think the Matt Cutts is now after paid guest blog post. Google want that if story is paid it must be marked as advertisement or sponsored story. Matt Cutts mentioned about the newspapers or news websites online for writing editorial for other with money.

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Update: We have added the Transcript of this video
verybody my name is matt cuts at work in the websphere team at google and i want to talk to you today for a little while about fabrics for eels made of advertising and editorial content so let's talk with the easiest stuff editorial content that's the meat and potatoes of whatever you're writing if you're a blogger as the primary stuff you're writing about if your newspaper is the news articles that you published online or in your newspaper i think people have a pretty good sense about what editorial cartoons so how about aburto real content for native advertising well its advertising but it's often the sort of advertising that looks a little closer to editorial bob but it basically means that someone gave you some money rather than you writing about this actually because you know i was interested or because you wanted to so so why why i carried out that's why we're making a video about this at all well the reason is certainly within the west and team we've seen in a little bit of problems where there's been amber coriole or native advertising content were paid content that hasn't really been disclosed adequately so that people realize that what they were looking at was paid so that's a problem uh... we have had a long-standing died and sense at least two thousand five i think that says look if you pay for winks those links should not past paid right and the reason is that google for a very long time and in fact everywhere on the web people have mostly treated links as editorial but they lead to something because it's inspires passion a moment something that's interesting they want share with friends you know there's some reason why they want to highlight that particularly now if someone were to come to a newspaper reporter and say i'm gonna give you some money can you link within my your editorial story that you're writing a news article that would be deceptive you know people would not realize that that was that there was payment involved in it would really not be fair paid links the past paid rent changed the landscape it makes it fun even so that people can't compete on a level playing field and that's what we want to ensure that we have all the way i have been certainly within google's web index so so one of the guidelines preparatory als or for negative advertising well there's there's twofold things that you should think the first is on search engines things and search engine wise you should make sure that if links are paid that is if money changed hands in order for a lead to be placed on the website uh... that it should not ok trick innocence it shouldn't affect search engines rankings that's no different than the things we've had for many years and years and years likewise if you are doing disclosure you need to make sure that it's clear to people so goodwill if i was there should be clear inconspicuous disclosure it shouldn't be the case of people have to do your own buried in small friend or after clicking you know look around a long time to find out of this content that i'm reading was actually pay so why are we talking about this now this is an change in our search engine policy certainly not on the web spam well the reason is that we've seen some people who have not been doing it correctly so we've seen for example united kingdom a few sites have been taking money and writing articles that were paid including keyword rich anchor text in those articles that flip a drink and then not talent anybody that those were paid articles and that's the sort of thing where for regular user you know happen to be reading your website and didn't know that it was paid they'd really be pretty frustrated and pretty angry when they found out that it was paid so uh... we've taken action on this sort of thing you know for years and years and we're going to keep taking strong action we do you think it's important to be able to to figure out whether something is paid or not on the web and it's not just the web stamping it's not just search quality and the web search results the google news team recently published on their blog and said that if you don't provide adequate disclosure update content whether it be made of advertising laboratory als whatever know whenever there's money changing hands if users don't realize that sufficiently because it's not adequate disclosure the google misty mention that they might not only remove the paid content but we're willing to go up to and including removing the publication from google lives so i think if you look at google you look at our policy on haver toward als pakistan cost of the last several years but we just want to reiterate and make sure that people realize that this can be an issue if you are taking money and posting content that people don't realize is paid or is not adequately disclosed both people into search engines we are willing to take action on not just in google search results not just in the web stamping but also in google news and so that's why it would be good people have an abundance of caution whenever they're considering these things to just make sure that they they do provide adequate disclosure and it's abundantly clear to users what's paid and what's not


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