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Google is Now After Paid Contents, Articles or Blog Posts

Google is now after Paid Contents, Articles or Blog Posts Recently Matt cuts released a video about paid contents. The video named Advertorials. Matt Cutts explained that some time you publish a news, article or blog post where you have taken the money, than it is your duty to disclose it to users that these are not editorial content rather it is paid content or Advertorials

If you will not do this Google will penalized the content publishers as well as linked websites. I think the Matt Cutts is now after paid guest blog post. Google want that if story is paid it must be marked as advertisement or sponsored story. Matt Cutts mentioned about the newspapers or news websites online for writing editorial for other with money.

Keep Clam and Write Content for FREE More details on native advertising that can violate our guidelines:…
— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 29, 2013

Update: We have added the Transcript of this video
verybody my name is matt cuts at work in…

Mohnesh Kohli Photos on Pinterest & Instagram

I am not much found of photography but when ever I visit UK specially London I do lot of photography. Many of my friends and staff members of Megrisoft are my viewers. I tried many software of photo gallery even wordpress does not worked for me. At last I decided to have account in pinterest. But uploading at pinterest is not good and again Searched and found Instagram. At last you can view

Mohnesh Kohli Photo at InstagramMohnesh Kohli Pictures on Pinterest