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Is Link Building is not Bad or illegal Matt Cutts Says NO

Penguin 2.0 Google update created a confusion in mind of SEO community wither link building is legal or illegal. Most of the SEOS now consider it to be bad and stopped. Link builders have also changed their profession to other activities. Eric Enge in latest interview of Google spam engineer Matt Cutts confirmed that Link building is not bad if it is done in organic way. Matt Cutts Says that first build a high quality website or content then think of Link Building.

 It is a good news for link building in industry to start again but not in organic way only. Thanks to Matt Cutts for confirmation.

What is Algoroo?

Algoroo tracks Google algorithm changes by observing turbulence in rankings of thousands of keywords.
When the bar is high, it's likely that Google has made a tweak to their algorithm.

What's a Roo A "Roo" is the average movement per keyword for the day, ie: Total movement across all tracked keywords for the day / number of tracked keywords. A new tracker, Algoroo, volatility tools also shows latest patterns

Algoroo is developed by a renowned Dejan SEO

List of Common English Stop Words And Search Engines

There is no final list of stop words in engish but still I tried to list few. I found them because most of the search engine do not consider while searching to provide relevant results. Stop Words are dropped by search engine like Google. Bing etc

about, above, across, after, afterwards, again, against, all, almost, alone, along, already, also, although, always, am, among, amongst, amoungst, amount, an, and, another, any, anyhow, anyone, anything, anyway, anywhere, are, around, as, at, back, be, became, because, become, becomes, becoming, been, before, beforehand, behind, being, below, beside, besides, between, beyond, bill, both, bottom, but, by, call, can, cannot, cant, co, computer, con, could, couldnt, cry, de, describe, detail, do, done, down, due, during, each, eg, eight, either, eleven, else, elsewhere, empty, enough, etc, even, ever, every, everyone, everything, everywhere, except, few, fifteen, fify, fill, find, fire, first, five, for, former, formerly, forty, found, four, fro…